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We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on. Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

We believe that a happy child is a successful one. We are committed to providing a positive and safe environment for pupils to learn, where all are valued. We intend that all pupils should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners. Our centre exists to provide a safe, developmentally, inclusive environment for pupils

Training and skills centre is an independent school based in the heart of Bradford city centre. We work with young people age 14-16 who have been referred by secondary schools who have either previously been excluded from school, are at risk of permanent exclusion or just need a change of place and a fresh start.

Pupils that attend TSC are not judged on previous behaviours and actions, they are given a fresh start with us and all we ask is for them to be themselves. We provide a small nurturing environment that allows pupils to learn at their own pace, whilst identifying gaps in learning and tailoring work to fit their needs.

We offer a safe environment that motivates pupils and in turn, makes them feel valued. TSC works in partnership with our awarding body NCFE, delivering a range of qualifications and life skills to ensure young people have the best start in their adult life.
We work closely with the police youth engagement team who deliver face to face workshops for pupils and provides a positive link between young people and the police. Pupils are given the opportunity for class discussions around issues young people face in the community and what they can do to provide a positive contribution.

The next academic year 2023/2024 we will be offering work experience to pupils who have an interest in a certain field. TSC will be building positive relationships with the local community that will support our young people in the workplace.

TSC Staff

Savannah Ditta - Headteacher & DSL. Trish Watt - Behaviour Manager & Deputy DSL. Nusba Bhatti - Assistant Manager & Tutor Sue Walsh - Maths Teacher Walies Nicholson - English Tutor Mohammed Ali - Behaviour Support Worker. Mr Omar Ditta - (Proprietor) 132 Accent Business Centre Barkerend Road BD3 9BD 01274 304151

Live Exams

Live Exams

Functional Skills Maths from Entry 2 - Level 2 Functional Skills English from Entry 2 - Level 2

Curriculum Lessons

Curriculum Lessons

Non-exam curricula lessons to help students explore new talents. P.E, Science, Religious Studies, Art, Sexual Health & Relationships, Citizenship & British Values. These lessons are differentiated to each pupils needs, abilities and ECH plans. We incorporate the different learning styles visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading and writing.

Extra Qualifications offered.

Extra Qualifications offered.

Learning beyond the classroom. Experience enriched lessons! Awarding body NCFE - Stress Awareness, Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Sexual Health Awareness, Substance Misuse

Behaviour, Discipline and Sanctions


First Aid

Health and Safety

Relationship and sex education policy

Risk Assessment


Ofsted Report 2022

TSC has spent countless hours making significant changes since the inspection took place November 2022 to ensure the school standards are correct and in place. Parents and pupils are happy with TSC, pupils have been questioned on numerous occasions and have said they feel safe and valued, Parents in regular contact also are happy their child attends TSC, all pupils are dual registered and our partner schools are happy that TSC supports, nurtures and educates pupils the way we do.

SMSC Policy

Online Safety

At TSC we aim teach young people to understand human sexuality and to respect themselves and others throughout the PSHE curriculum. We aim to provide learners with lifelong learning about relationships, emotions, looking after ourselves, different families, sex, sexuality and sexual health.

Our PSHE and RSE curriculum consists of the following topics:

Exploring British values
Exploring world issues
Warnings, relationships and sexual education
Sexual Health
Violence, crimes and seeking help
Staying safe
Mental health and wellbeing
Adult health and looking after yourself
Rights and responsibilities
Your future and beyond

The school have not recieved any formal complaints in the previous academic year.
If you require information about the schools academic performance during the previous school year, contact the headteacher.